Medicaid Unwind Fact Sheet

Medicaid renewals are returning. It is VITAL that Medicaid members make certain Medicaid has their current contact information.

What Do Medicaid Members Need to Know?

Make sure your contact information, including your mailing address, phone number, cell phone number and email address, is up to date so you receive important letters about your health insurance coverage.

Check your mail and if you get a letter from Louisiana Medicaid, read the letter and follow the instructions in the letter. The letter will almost always require you to send Medicaid documentation or information.

Members who do not respond to renewal letters or requests for information risk losing their coverage, even if they are eligible.

Members can make changes to their contact information by:

  • logging on to
  • emailing
  • calling their health plan on the number on their ID card
  • calling Medicaid’s Customer Service hotline at 1-888-342-6207. Hotline assistance is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

In-person help is also available at any of the regional Medicaid offices. For an office closest to you, visit

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What is LDH Doing to Ensure Eligible Members Do Not Lose CoverageE?

LDH is planning a comprehensive outreach and communications campaign that will include a range of methods for alerting Medicaid members and sharing information with those stakeholders and trusted community partners that serve and support Medicaid members.

In addition to mailed letters, members who have shared a mobile telephone number will receive text message reminders.

LDH will also utilize traditional paid media and grassroots outreach efforts to reach Medicaid members. This will include radio, TV and digital advertising as well as on-site, in-person outreach to share information with Medicaid members in familiar community settings where people gather.

As always, Medicaid will work collaboratively with the managed care organizations (MCOs) that provide coverage for the majority of the Medicaid population to amplify outreach and education efforts for members and those stakeholders (providers, community organizations, etc.) that serve them.


Medicaid Renewal: Background Information

In March 2020, Louisiana Medicaid changed some of its eligibility rules in response to the federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE). This included stopping closures for most Medicaid members.

The recent passage of the 2023 Consolidated Appropriations Act ends this continuous Medicaid coverage.

We are preparing to send letters and renewal packets to those members where redeterminations – or more information is needed – to determine if a member is still eligible. This will occur over a 12-month time period.

We want everyone who is eligible for Medicaid to maintain their coverage.

Individuals enrolled in Medicaid are guaranteed 12 months of coverage postpartum.


Important Dates:

The first batch of renewal letters will be mailed out at the end of April and beginning of May. Members who are no longer eligible will close at the end of June 2023.

Mailing of renewal letters will be staggered across 12 months, and it will take 14 months to complete the redetermination process for all Medicaid members.