COVID-19 Visitor Policy


Due to the rise of COVID cases and spread of COVID, there may be changes made without notice to our visitor policies.

In order to protect the health of our communities, and as a safety precaution to prevent the risk of spreading COVID-19, we have instituted visitor restrictions in accordance with recommendations from the CDC. In addition, some hospital access points will be consolidated on our campuses.

We understand the importance of patients having access to their loved ones while receiving care at our hospital. At this time, we ask patients and their families to consider communication through phone and video chat as their primary means of communication. When an in-person visit is necessary, the following precautions are in place to protect patients, families and staff and are specific to the care setting listed.


All persons entering Allen Parish Community Healthcare locations will be screened for fever and respiratory symptoms and all employees, patients and visitors must wear a face mask while in our facilities. Children under 2 years of age are excluded from this requirement. Visitors must be 18 years or older and always remain in the patient's room. Visitors are asked to maintain social distancing at all times, including waiting rooms, cafeterias, and shared areas. Visitors will be asked to return home if they exhibit symptoms of respiratory infection (fever, runny nose, cough, shortness of breath), have a positive COVID test in the last ten days, have a pending COVID test for symptoms, unable to wear a mask OR do not comply with above policy. Mask must be worn, ensuring that the nose and mouth are covered, at all times.

Emergency Department patients will be limited to one visitor per patient through their stay. Emergency room volumes and situations can be unpredictable, therefore, visitation rules may be temporarily altered.

Outpatient Infusion visits: Patients needing assistance during a visit may be accompanied by no more than one adult support person.

Appointments at Rural Health Clinics/Outpatient Testing: Patients needing assistance during a visit may be accompanied by no more than one adult support person.

Minor patients will be allowed to have both parents/legal guardians accompany them.

Inpatient units

COVID-19 Negative Adult patients: Patients are allowed to have one visitor PER DAY at a time between the hours of 8am- 6pm.

COVID-19 Negative Minor patients: Patients are allowed to have two visitors at a time, with one allowed 24/7.

COVID-19 Positive Patients and COVID Units: Patients are allowed to have one visitor if physician ordered between the hours of 8am and 6pm and the visitor must remain in the patient’s room at all times.

Special Circumstances

Under the following circumstances visitor exceptions/extensions will be made to allow family members to be present 24 hours per day if physician ordered.

Palliative/Comfort Care (which may include family meetings, palliative medicine consults, or comfort focused treatments)- Spouse/partner, children, parents and siblings may visit together between 8am- 6pm with sleep accommodations provided for only one support person overnight

End of Life Care- Spouse/Partner, Children, Parents, and Siblings may visit together and be present 24/7

Adults with mental impairment- One Spouse/Partner or support person at all times is allowed

Vendor Presence

Vendors should remain virtual if possible but if coming on site must be screened for fever and be free of S&S of COVID-19. Must wear a mask at all times.

**Skilled Nursing Facilities are excluded from this document and will follow state guidance.**