Allen Parish Community Healthcare is proud to announce the hiring of Kimberly Caldarera as Marketing Director and Community Champion.

As Marketing Director, Kimberly will oversee all marketing, communications, and social media for Allen Parish, as well as community outreach and public relations. The position of Community Champion was created as part of the Delta Regional Community Health Systems Development (DRCHSD) Program. The purpose is to bring Allen Parish and the community together, and to elevate the community as a whole.

Key expectations for the Community Champion include:

  • Act as a liaison for Allen Parish Community Healthcare, community residents, and program staff
  • Support Allen Parish in meeting program goals
  • Engage community organizations in the community care coordination activities
  • Build awareness of locally available healthcare and social services
  • Facilitate workshops and conversations to gather community knowledge and engagement
  • Support the implementation of action plans that improve the community’s health and well-being
  • Promote health and wellness

At Allen Parish Community Healthcare, we are committed to designing and providing quality, efficient, individual healthcare for your family from ours by collaborating with community partners for continuity of care, close to home. Our progressive outlook can be seen in the personal care that our patients receive. At our facility, you’ll receive high quality care, close to home.